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Свежий номер Vol. 35, No.3
Chronic periodontitis and the risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: facts and figures
Authors :Gondivkar S.M. Gondivkar R.S. Gadbail A.R. Chole R.... Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 898
Tumor cell heterogeneity
Authors :Chekhun V.F. Sherban S.D. Savtsova Z.D. Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 391
Significance of adhesion molecules expression for estimation of serous ovarian cancer prognosis
Authors :Ryabtseva O.D. Lukianova N. Shmurakov Yu.A. Polishchuk L.Z.... Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 440
Inhibition of growth and expression of inflammation mediators in human leukemic cell line U-937 by a nutrient mixture
Authors :Roomi M.W. Kalinovsky T. Roomi N.W. Rath M.... Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 466
Overproduction of free radical species in embryonal cells exposed to low intensity radiofrequency radiation
Authors :Burlaka A.A. Tsybulin O. Sidorik E. Lukin S.... Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 484
Antibodies against benzo[a]pyrene in immunized mouse and in lung cancer patients
Authors :Ustinov V.A. Matveeva V.A. Kostyanko M.A. Glushkov A.N. Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 164
Molecular characterization of Ph-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms in Ukraine
Authors :Mishcheniuk O.Y. Kostukevich O.M. Dmytrenko I.V. Sholoyko V.V.... Vol. 35, No.3 / Views: 255