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5754754654654Tumor microenvironment changes tumor cell sensitivity to action of energy metabolism modifiers
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532523523523523Metformin enhances cytotoxic action of dichloroacetate against Lewis lung carcinoma cells in vitro
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547823523Metformin enhances antitumor action of sodium dichloroacetate against glioma C6
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2507_330Influence of metformin, sodium dichloroacetate and their combination on the hematological and biochemical blood parameters of rats with gliomas C6
Authors :Prokhorova I.V. Pyaskovskaya O.N. Kolesnik D.L. Solyanik G.I. Date: 2018-10-01 / Views: 496
Effectiveness of sodium dichloroacetate against glioma с6 depends on administration schedule and dosageEffectiveness of sodium dichloroacetate against glioma C6 depends on administration schedule and dosage
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wpid-1115_02_fmt.jpegThe influence of sodium dichloroacetate on the oxidative processes in sarcoma 37
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