Rubric :   Reviews

Oral cancer: risk factors, prevention and diagnostic
Author :Khalili J. 4 / Views: 213
Photochemoprevention of cutaneous neoplasia through natural products
Author :Filip A. Vol. 31, No. 1 / Views: 100
Ribonucleases in tumor growth
Author :Shlyakhovenko V.O.* 3 / Views: 70
The CCN family proteins in carcinogenesis
Authors :Dhar A. Ray A. 1 / Views: 407
Xenogenic cancer vaccines
Authors :Potebnya G.P. Symchych T.V.* Lisovenko G.S. 2 / Views: 81
Alcohol consumption and prostate cancer: a mini review
Authors :Rizos Ch. Papassava M. Golias Ch. Charalabopoulos K. 2 / Views: 103
The concept «Tumor and host» in the post-genomic era
Author :Chekhun V.F. 3 / Views: 84
Tumor microenvironment and progression of pancreatic cancer
Authors :Erkan M. Reiser-Erkan C. Michalski C.W. Kleeff J. 3 / Views: 928
Imaging of tumor physiology: impacts on clinical radiation oncology
Authors :Astner S.T. Shi K. Vaupel P. Molls M. 3 / Views: 211
Surgical procedure as an inducer of tumor angiogenesis
Authors :Kong B. Michalski C.W. Friess H. Kleeff J. 3 / Views: 103
Multifactorial nature of tumor drug resistance
Author :Solyanik G.I. 3 / Views: 155
The role of UDP-glucuronosyltransferases and drug transporters in breast cancer drug resistance
Authors :Starlard-Davenport A. Lyn-Cook B. Beland F.A. Pogribny I.P. 3 / Views: 82
Deregulation of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 (HNF4)as a marker of epithelial tumors progression
Authors :Lazarevich N.L. Shavochkina D.A. Fleishman D.I. Kustova I.F.... 3 / Views: 336
At a crossroads of cancer risk and aging: the role of telomeres
Author :Gerashchenko B.I. 4 / Views: 138