Author :   Zavelevich M.

Comparative analysis of apoptosis induction by selenium compounds in humanlymphoblastic leukemia MT-4 cells
Authors :Philchenkov A. Zavelevich M. Khranovskaya N. Surai P. 4 / Views: 113
Tumor hypoxia and malignant progression
Authors :Osinsky S. Zavelevich M. Vaupel P. 2 / Views: 253
Sensitization of human malignant lymphoid cells to etoposide by fucoidan, a brown seaweed polysaccharide
Authors :Philchenkov A. Zavelevich M. Imbs T. Zvyagintseva T.... Vol. 29, No. 3 / Views: 118
Jurkat/A4 cells with multidrug resistance exhibit reduced sensitivity to quercetin
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