Contents of the journal :   Vol. 35, No.4

Arrticles not related to spesial issue topics

Markers of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in renal cell carcinoma
Authors :Dumanskiy Y.V. Kudriashov A.G. Vasilenko I.V. Kondratyuk R.B.... Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 854

Spesial issue on breast cancer

Staging, risk assessment and screening of breast cancer
Author :Yalcin B. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 1924
Epigenetics in Breast Cancer
Author :Atalay C. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 1491
Postmastectomy radiation therapy in locally advanced breast cancer
Authors :Yavas G. Yavas C. Akyurek S. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 1030
A rare coincidence: Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy and Breast Cancer
Authors :Yazici O. Aksoy S. Ozdemir N. Sendur M.A.N.... Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 596
Male breast cancer: clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment
Author :Hotko Y.S. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 1880
Breast reconstruction
Authors :Kaya B. Serel S. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 1683
Receptor status of tumor as prognostic factor in patients with bilateral breast cancer
Authors :Tsyhyka D.Y. Hotko Y.S. Devinyak O.T. Vol. 35, No.4 / Views: 553