Biologic activitIES of recombinant human-beta-defensin-4 toward cultured human cancer cellsBiologic activities of recombinant human-beta-defensin-4 toward cultured human cancer cells
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330Nitric oxide coordinates development of genomic instability in realization of combined effect with ionizing radiation
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330Fractionated low-dose radiation exposure potentiates proliferation of implanted tumor cells
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330In vitro modification of cisplatin cytotoxicity with magnetic fluid
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wpid-1179_01_fmt.jpegHypermethylation of TUSC5 genes in breast cancer tissue
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wpid-1160_05_fmt.jpegChronobiological approaches to antiangiogenic photodynamic therapy of tumors: the first experimental evaluatIon
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wpid-1181_02_fmt.jpegRelationship between NF-κB, ER, PR, Her2/neu, Ki67, p53 expression in human breast cancer
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Cytogenetic effects of neutron therapy in patients with parotid gland tumors and relapse of breast cancer
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wpid-1159_fmt.jpegNovel cytokines: IL-27, IL-29, IL-31 and IL-33. Can they be useful in clinical practice at the time diagnosis of lung cancer?
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wpid-1189_08_fmt.jpegNanohyperthermia of malignant tumors. II. In vivo tumor heating with manganese perovskite nanoparticles
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330Effects of combined sonodynamic and photodynamic therapies with photolon on a glioma C6 tumor model
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330Zinc differentially modulates DNA damage induced by anthracyclines in normal and cancer cells
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wpid-1143_02_fmt.jpegInfluence of doxorubicin inclusion into phospholipid nanoformulation on its antitumor activity in mice: increased efficiency for resistant tumor model
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330Theoretical ground for adsorptive therapy of anthracyclines cardiotoxicity
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330Sensitivity of human laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma Hep-2 to metrotexate chemoterapy
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