Yurchenko Maria Y., Kashuba Elena V., Shlapatska Larysa M., Sivkovich Svetlana A., Sidorenko Svetlana P.

Aim: To find out what signal transduction pathways are linked to CD150 in Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) cell lines, how are they regulated, and to examine the expression of different CD150 splice forms and SH2 domain containing protein D1A (SH2D1A) adaptor protein on mRNA level in HD primary tumors and cell lines. Methods: The expression of CD150 splicing forms and SH2D1A adaptor protein in HD primary lymphoma tissue and cell lines were analyzed by RT-PCR method. To examine CD150-SH2D1A localization in HD cell lines we performed double immunofluorescent staining of these two proteins. Total amount of SH2D1A, Syk, Lyn, SHP-2, SHIP proteins, and activated/phosphorylated ERK1/2 and Akt proteins were detected by Western blot analysis with specific antibodies. Results: We showed the expression of soluble (sCD150) and full length transmembrane (mCD150) splice forms and SH2D1A adaptor protein on mRNA level in 9 cases of classical HD and three HD lines of B cell origin — L428, KM-H2 and L1236. In spite of CD150 and SH2D1A co-expression in studied HD cell lines, CD150 co-precipitated and co-localized with SH2D1A only in L1236 cells. CD150 ligation induced extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK) dephosphorylation in L1236 cell line, but had no effect on ERK pathway in KM-H2 and L428 cells. CD150 crosslinking induced Akt activation also only in L1236 cells. Conclusions: HD cells express sCD150 and mCD150 splice forms and SH2D1A. Association of CD150 and SH2D1A depends at least on their localization pattern. CD150 is linked to ERK and Akt pathways in HD cell lines. Our data suggest that CD150?SH2D1A association play decisive role in Akt signaling upon CD150 ligation in HD cell lines. CD150-mediated Akt activation in HD cell lines, similarly to DT40 model system, is SHIP-independent.

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