Ovarian tissue cryoconservation in patients with gynecological cancer

Vorobjova L.1, Svintitsky V.S.2, Nespryadko S.V.1, Goncharuk I.1, Nemtinov P.3, Shablij V.3

L. Vorobijva1, V. Svintsitskiy1, S. Nespryadko1, I. Goncharuk1, P. Nemtinov2, V. Shablij2

1National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

2Institute of Cell Therapy, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction: During recent years the increase in incidence rate of gynecological malignancies in reproductive age patients, who had no time to implement reproductive function, has been registered. In majority of cases special treatment results in partial or full deprivation of fertility as a result of the high ovarian sensitivity to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cryopreservation and autotransplantation of ovarian tissue appear to become the method of fertility preservation. Aim: To evaluate the ovarian reserve and develop policy of treatment in patients with gynecological malignancies with the purpose of cryoconservation of ovarian tissue for further realization of reproductive function. Methods: 10 patients of reproductive age (< 35 years) have been treated in National Cancer Institute from 2010 to 2012 year with diagnosis IB–IIB stage cervical cancer. Panhysterectomy type 3 has been executed in 9 patients, radical abdominal trachelectomy — in 1 patient. Ovarian tissue obtained after laparotomy was placed in aseptic terms in container with special medium with temperature +20–25 °C and after that it was transported to Institute of Cell Therapy for following investigation, cryopreservation and storage. Currently all the patients are placed under dynamic surveillance. There is no evidence of the disease. The study protocol was approved by the Ethical Committee permission of national Cancer institute (Kyiv, Ukraine). Results: As a result, cryoconservation of ovarian tissue can be fulfilled with the aim to realize the delayed reproductive function. Conclusions: This method does not require the delay of the treatment, ovarian stimulation and can be accepted for the patients with gynecological malignancies.

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