The frequency of hormone-related tumors in breast cancer patients after surgical treatment

Djakiv I.B., Kryzhanivska A.E.

I.B. Djakiv, A.E. Kryzhanivska

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Introduction: The frequency of hormone-related tumors is about 20%, among which 10.8% belong to breast cancer (BC). Women with BC have increased risk of developing a new primary cancer in the opposite breast and second tumors of different localization that can be linked to genetics and hormonal risk factors. However, there is no data about the frequency, character and preventive measures of origin of the second hormone-related tumors in BC patients. Aim: To study the frequency of malignant tumors in women who were treated for BC. Methods: We have analyzed clinical data of 51 BC patients with stage I–IV. The patients’ age varied from 26 to 76 years (the mean age 54.3). Immunohistochemical staining of BC samples was performed using the primary monoclonal antibo­dies against progesterone (PR) (clon 1A6, “Dako”, Denmark), estrogene (ER) (clon 1D5, “Dako”, Denmark) receptors and HER2/neu (cerv2 oncoprotein, “Dako”, Denmark). 28 (54.9%) BC patients received neoadjuvant treatment and all patients received complex treatment including surgery. The study was approved by the local Institutional Ethic Committee. Results: BC of stage I was diagnosed in 8 (15.7%), stage II — 33 (64.8%), stage III/IV — 10 (18.6%) patients. In BC patients second oncological pathology has been developed: in 19 (37.3%) patients — endometrial cancer, in 10 (19.6%) patients — ovarian cancer, in 7 (13.7%) — cervical cancer, in 2 (3.9%) — cancer of vulva, in 9 (17.6%) — colorectal cancer, in 1 (1.9%) — stomach cancer, in 1 (1.9%) — thyroid gland cancer and in 1 (1.9%) — kidney cancer. Family history of cancer with prevalence of BC was observed in 32 (62.7%) patients. Immunohistochemical phenotype ER+HER2/neu+ was detected in 45 (88.2%), PR+ER+HER2/neu++ — in 10 (19.6%) and PR+ ER+ HER2/neu+++ — in 3 (5.9%) BC samples. Conclusions: Oncogynaecological tumors occupy the first place (74.5%) among hormone-related tumors in BC patients. The further study of risk factors for developing second malignant tumors in BC patients after treatment is needed.

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