Interaction between tumor and immune system: the role of tumor cell biology

Berezhnaya N.M.

Summary. In present work the role of tumor cell biology upon different conditions of their interaction with the cells of immune system is discussed. The presented data show that it tumor cell biology that in many cases determines tumor antigen recognition and realization of cytotoxic action of killer cells. Here also we discuss own data obtained with the use of experimental tumor models (transplantable MC-rhabdomyosarcoma, B16 melanoma) and human tumors (soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer). It was demonstrated that various tumors have different sensitivity to antitumor action of activated (LAK) and non-activated lymphocytes. Recent studies on the role of tumor cells in expansion and activity of different suppressor cells (MDSC, Treg, Th17, M-2 macrophages, etc.) are overviewed. The role of organ-specificity and interaction of the components of microenvironment (cells of immune system and stroma, tumor cells, endothelial cells, extracellular matrix) are discussed in details. Along with the presentation of modern views on some patterns that characterize the development of drug resistance of different tumors and capabilities of immune system cells to participate in lysis of resistant tumor cells, the authors present their own data illustrating that resistant tumor cells reveal increased sensitivity to LAK. An analysis of the involvement of a number of molecules, lymphocytes, and tumor cells in the phenomenon of elevated sensitivity to LAK action allowed to conclude that tumor cells reveal high sensitivity at the background of decreased E-cadherin expression and increased CD40 expression.

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