Kazbariene B.A., Krikstaponiene A.S., Monceviciute-Eringiene E.V.

The possible causes for different types of cancer are smoking tobacco, using alcohol, environmental pollution by chemical substances, radiation, malnutrition, immune and genetic deficiencies, etc. Therefore we wanted to determine the influence of alcohol consumption on the immune state of humans living in ecologically different regions, i.e. in a district contaminated with industrial siftings (Trakai) and in a relatively non-contaminated district (Sirvintos). The immune system indices were investigated in 282 subjects (129 males and 153 females) residing in the contaminated by industrial siftings Trakai district and 282 subjects (127 males and 155 females) in the relatively non-contaminated Sirvintos district. The investigation results showed that the immune state of alcohol users residing in the Trakai district was more stimulated if compared with the same group of Sirvintos district. But the immune state of Trakai district abstainers practically did not differ from immune state of Sirvintos district abstainers. Immunological functions of Trakai district alcohol drinking males were more stimulated than the functions of this district alcohol drinking females. The same comparison in Sirvintos district showed that immune system functions of males group were stimulated far less. The immune state of alcohol users male of contaminated by industrial siftings region was stimulated in comparison to the immune state of alcohol using females and to the immune state of conventionally clearer district alcohol using males. But the immune functions indices were more suppressed of the contaminated district alcohol using females in comparison with that of females in relatively non-contaminated district.

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