Bobrova T.S., Chuev Yu.V., Morozov V.A.

Monoclonal antibodies (1F3-2D4, IgG class) (mAb) to membrane antigens of HEp-2 cells (larynx carcinoma, HeLa-like) were obtained. Using this monoclonal antibodies a family of proteins (30, 34, 36, 37–38, 70, 180 and 240 kD) was revealed in normal and malignant tissues of different localizations. Expression of p38 was detected in 70/94 (74%) samples of carcinomas of different localization, being strong or moderate in 39% samples. In 34% of examined samples we revealed intensive antibody reaction with some other cellular proteins. The weak expression of p38 was found in 25% (12/48) samples while intensive and moderate expression — only in 16%. Strong expression of p38 was detected in all samples of low-differentiated gastric adenocarcinomas while in signet-cell carcinoma samples it was weak or completely absent. p38 protein was undetectable in the samples of normal gastric mucosa, normal or malignant liver. P36 protein was found only in 8 of 150 samples in different tumor lysates (squamous-cell carcinoma of corpus and cervix uterus, carcinoma of larynx, moderately differentiated carcinoma of intestine, infiltrative cancer of mammary gland and its metastasis, renal-cell carcinoma). In normal tissue p36 was revealed in larynx and gastric mucosa samples from a single patient. P36 seems to represent an isoform of p38. Protein with M. W. 70 kD was rarely revealed and it was found only in 3 of 150 lysates, in particular — in the lysate of lung cancer, cervix cancer and its metastasis. P70 was undetectable in the samples of normal tissues. Thus, according to our data strong p38 expression in the lysates of gastric cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, renal-cell carcinoma and intestinal cancer together with other proteins (pp33, 36, 70, 180, 240 kD) is correlated with tumor malignancy and metastasizing. We suppose that mAb could reveal the common immunodominant carbohydrate-accosiated epitope.

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